Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Logistics Solution for your Ecommerce

What is E-fulfillment?


By e-Fulfillment is understood the provision of the complete sales service, order logistics management and home delivery. It is the crucial part of electronic commerce as it allows to complete the sale and maximize the satisfaction of the end user.

It is used both for the logistics of online sales between companies (B2B) and for online sales between companies and clients (B2C).

Take a look at this video to get a complete overview of the concept.

What are the benefits of obtaining the DelegaLog service from e-fulfillment?

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  • Your business will improve its current logistics costs.
  • You can effortlessly build customer loyalty by offering them an unparalleled logistics experience.
  • You will minimize your problems related to Logistics: - Supplies - Storage - Preparation and packaging - Shipping
  • You will not worry about tracking the deliveries of all your orders, as well as possible returns.
  • If you wish, we can give you integrated after-sales customer service.

Do I really need an e-fulfillment service?

An efulfillmente service can offer you:

  • Compete on equal terms with other online stores and with the majority of large marketplaces (Amazon, eBay).
  • Save on costs of storage, preparation and logistics transport.
  • Dedicate your time to what is truly key in your business.
  • Focus on your marketing strategy, increase sales and get more customers.
  • Forget about the associated day-to-day operational problems.

What added value does the DelegaLog e-fulfillment offer?

  • The service that we propose for your company is designed by professional Management, Logistics and ICT personnel with more than 20 years of experience.
  • It is flexible, adaptable and personalized to the needs of your SME.
  • The duration of it is selected by you. You can choose a trial period and then the plan that best suits your business.
  • It is not a storage or transport service to use. It is a service that provides you with exceptional added value out of the ordinary; an integral service totally personalized and technologically integrated with your store and online system.
  • If you wish, you can have a daily personalized service for all your customers: from the moment they place their order, until they receive it.
  • In addition, the people in charge of this service provide you free Comprehensive Advice for your Business with which you will obtain the necessary advice so that your company stands out and turns the threats of this century into real opportunities.

Is Delegalog's eFullfilment service guaranteed?

  • We offer a trial period without obligation. We can test with a certain volume for a defined time. Then you decide.
  • At all times the value of your products is 100% protected by our global merchandise insurance, both in our warehouses and during transport to your client.
  • And, for your complete peace of mind, our computer system has security protocols, as well as contingency plans to continue with the service in the event of a general network outage, so your shipments are guaranteed in the event of extreme incidents outside of our control.

How do you avoid stock breakages?

Your online store will be permanently updated automatically with the stock in the warehouse, since the automatic processes discount the stock as soon as a customer pays for a product so that sales are avoided when it is gone. In any case, thanks to the visibility of the stock through the store, in the "dashboard" accessible from the web that we prepare for you, or through the connection with your ERP, you will be able to collect merchandise on time and have products available. time to avoid lost sales.

Is there a commitment to stay?

There is no commitment to stay. The moment we start working together, you send us the merchandise and we make sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition to your customers. If, on the other hand, you decide that you prefer to do it yourself, you just have to collect your inventory.

How much does the Delegalog eFulfillment service cost me?

Each client and business for us is unique and different and therefore has different needs. Our rates and forms of payment are adapted to each case and are studied individually, so that they are as competitive as possible and provide great added value in all cases.

How long does it take to integrate with Delegalog's eFulfillment logistics system?

  • A standard connection to your online store or marketplace as it will last from one to two business days counting definition and implementation.
  • We can also connect with your ERP, which may take a little longer due to the definition of specifications to relate both systems.

How long does it take for my products to reach my customers with the Delegalog eFulfillment system?

  • For Spain you can choose 24 or 48 hours.
  • In Europe 48h-72h depending on the destination.
  • Outside Europe depending on the destinations, customizable.

How do I know that the order is prepared or delivered to the customer?

Each step of the process is notified by email. In addition, both you and your client will have a personalized dashboard that you can access online. Through this, you will be informed of the progress of each order. You will be able to check the stock, each order and its status, as well as relevant statistics and KPIs that help you make decisions and manage your business.

How can I improve the rates?

Our processes designed specifically for online commerce, together with the aggregation of the demand of our clients, allow us to adjust costs to the maximum, guaranteeing high efficiency and very competitive shipping rates from the first moment. When your business grows and volumes go up, we can offer you improvements in those rates so that your profitability grows even more.